We work on a massive scale

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Data is at the heart of how we’re solving some of the country’s biggest digital challenges.

At DWP Digital we don’t just work with big data, we work with massive data! We hold data for more than 20 million customers, with multiple billions of records and

millions more being added daily. Our data warehouse has over 230 terabytes of data.

We deliver data-driven intelligence, products and services that enhance our services and make a real difference to our customers’ lives.


"Being part of a knowledge-sharing community like this one is like sitting in the pub talking to your friends - it’s not sitting in a classroom in front of a teacher."

Work on projects like...

Universal Credit DataWorks – one of our biggest data projects; a common data infrastructure platform that’s used by all of DWP’s directorates.

Once it’s fully rolled out, Universal Credit will serve around 10 million people in near real-time, so the platform offers an exciting opportunity to create valuable insights from the data gathered.

The project was recently shortlisted for a 2018 Big Data Excellence Award.

Innovation is at the core of our data strategy, which is why we’re exploring the ethical use of Machine Learning to predict and initiate activity around our customers’ needs, and we’re exploring the use of Automation to improve decision making.


You’ll be part of a diverse community where people who have a passion for data and analytics can come together, with a shared desire to learn more.

As part of the community you’ll have the opportunity to develop new ideas and create deeper insights into some of society’s most important problems. The data, tools and sponsorship available within DWP enables collaboration to develop real innovation.

Our roles

We have exciting roles including: Data Engineers, Data Managers, Data Scientists and Digital Performance Analysts.