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DWP Digital is a place where you can make change happen. A place where you can have a voice, share ideas, build, develop, design and shape a future to be proud of.

Learn more about our people’s transformational work, as they share their stories of challenge, innovation and work with impact.

Improving Access to Work for people with a disability

Olu's team transformed the way people with a disability or health condition get support, meaning they can complete an application in just 11 minutes.

Collaborating to improve customers lives

Chris helped develop new services that are connecting people on low incomes and saving over 5 million households £180 a year.

Coding is my superpower

Orla is a DevOps engineer apprentice working in the Integration Team. Orla joined the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) after graduating from Newcastle University.

Finding home in the data community

Ophelia is a digital performance analyst (DPA) working in the Digital Engagement Team. As part of her role Ophelia is able to measure and assess data to identify user trends.

Agile Coaching or Team Coaching: either way, it’s a powerful collaborative tool

Lead Agile Coach Hannah explains how agile coaching can help you unlock solutions to challenges and make progress towards your goals.

Developing Wonderful People

Find out why taking on a placement at DWP Digital is the best thing T-level student Josh has ever done.

Designing our delivery standards 1.0

Shared understanding leads to better outcomes. Head of agile delivery, Barry Traish, outlines our new delivery standards and suggests ways you can apply them to your own projects.

Engineering a strategy for change

Deputy director of delivery for Universal Credit Andy Tyack explains how the engineering strategy serves our teams.

Test automation transformation

Ajit shares his experience of transforming testing and why test automation is easy, but testing is tough.

How to horizon scan effectively

Dr Shruti Kohli shares her insights into horizon scanning, and explains why it should be the first step in getting your business future-ready.

From admin to infrastructure

Dan is an infrastructure engineer in Technology Services. After starting his career in admin, he has moved into a technical role in the tooling team.

What is a user researcher?

Find out what a user researcher does, what skills they need, and how the role helps us deliver world-class digital services.

What does a solution architect do?

Rashmi is a solution architect in our Dynamic Trust Hub. She explains the role of a solution architect in DWP Digital.

Kickstarting my career as a data engineer

Luke is currently studying for a master's degree in computer science. He joined DWP Digital in 2022 as part of an industrial placement.

Learning to manage projects

Tanya worked in creative publishing and consultancy businesses before joining DWP Digital in 2022. Now she’s a project manager with the Audio Visual team, working on a large scale Telephony Programme. 

Day in the life of a delivery manager

Tina is an agile delivery manager, working with a multidisciplinary team on the Restart project. She shares a day in her life.

Developing Winning Products

Louise is a product manager within Shared Channel Experience. In her role she is responsible for working cross organisationally to ensure the best possible services for citizens and customers.

A day in the life of a Java Engineer

Parag is a senior engineer on DWP’s Carer’s Allowance Computer System. In his current role he is responsible for prototyping new technologies to improve the user experience.

A career in delivery management

Hannah is an agile delivery manager working in Health Transformation Programme. Hannah joined DWP Digital four weeks before the pandemic started in February 2020.

From operations to a digital apprenticeship

Sapna has worked in DWP for five years, recently moving to DWP Digital for a career in tech.

Delivering better experiences

Altif is an associate software engineer working in the identity and trust services team at DWP Digital.

From geologist to delivery manager

Chiamaka is a delivery lead within our Tech Services team. She's currently the delivery lead on a major change project.

How to ace your job interview

Interviews make most of us feel nervous, but knowing what to expect and how to prepare can help you do well and stand out as a candidate.

Using automation for good

Lianne Anderton is the delivery lead for the Intelligent Automation Garage which helps to simplify and streamline customer experience.

The apprenticeship shaping my career

Jennie joined DWP Digital earlier this year as a director support manager apprentice. Jennie supports the work of the Chief Digital Information Officer (CDIO) office.

Developing Winning Potential

Kelly is a business analyst working in citizen information. She is a self confessed learning magpie.

Designing With Passion

Ope is a content designer at DWP Digital. She works with subject matter experts to design and develop content to help users solve their problems.

Driving Workplace Potential

Roy is part of our specialist devices team, responsible for managing the department’s vast network of MacBooks.

Data With Power

Jacqui Leggetter, head of integration, looks at how we're using data to support DWP policy, improve customer experience and create efficiencies across our services.

Driving World-class Products

Amanda is a product manager for Jobseekers Allowance, a critical DWP Digital service which handles around 282,000 applications each year.

Developing Winning Projects

Six years ago Roni changed careers and achieved her goal of becoming a software engineer. She now works on. our award-winning Searchlight project.

Delivering With Pride

Tina is an agile delivery manager, working with a multidisciplinary team on the Restart project. She shares a day in her life at DWP Digital.

The key to a successful API strategy

Jacqui Leggetter heads our integration teams. They enable systems to connect with each other and share data across government.

Tips on getting hired at DWP Digital

Need help understanding the application process? Our tips and advice will help you prepare.