Putting data at the heart of the country’s challenges

The Data Practice is a community of over 450 data professionals who are collectively responsible for how we (DWP) model, transform, manage and securely use data across DWP and wider Government. As part of the Data Practice, you’ll develop and use your skills to help identify and reduce fraud, maintain and improve system performance, and help colleagues from across Government make accurate data driven decisions. 

Data is at the heart of how we’re solving some of the country’s biggest social welfare challenges. We use data to improve outcomes for citizens, improve customer service whilst reducing costs and quickly identify fraud and error. And we work with some of the biggest, most complex and sensitive data in the UK. We hold data for more than 20 million customers, and 30 million digital events per day. 

As a Data Practice member, you’ll collaborate with multidisciplinary teams across organisational boundaries whilst being supported by a team of experts keen to share their knowledge. You’ll have access to a range of learning and development opportunities that keep you at the forefront of a rapidly evolving sector.

Our data community

Our chief data officer and head of practice show how we use data and analytics to understand the issues that the UK is currently facing.

Data with power

Jacqui Leggetter, head of integration explains how data is at the heart of everything we do in DWP Digital.

Finding a home in the data community

Ophelia is a digital performance analyst (DPA) working in the Digital Engagement Team. As part of her role Ophelia is able to measure and assess data to identify user trends.