Ophelia is a digital performance analyst (DPA) working in the Digital Engagement Team. As part of her role Ophelia is able to measure and assess data to identify user trends.  

As a DPA, I am responsible for performance analysis in my given area. I measure and assess outcomes using different quantitative and qualitative data. I assign time to collect, collate, cleanse, and analyse data to identify trends. 

When measuring and assessing these outcomes I always find it helpful to talk to my manager and the wider data community for feedback.  

Curious about data 

Curiosity is what got me into my role. I am always curious about everything! I enjoy the process of trial and error to understand things thoroughly. 

I began my career studying geography, specialising in geographical information systems. This is where I learnt analytical and technical skills. A summer internship, work placement and dissertation project partnering with different companies further developed my hands-on skills. 

Working with impact  

I like to work independently with impact, but I also know that I benefit from working with people from different backgrounds and experiences. Knowing this led me to a role in digital performance analytics.  

I taught myself all I needed to know about google analytics and connected it with my website, testing its functions to ensure I had the basic web analytic tool knowledge. After developing my knowledge and skill set, I began my digital performance analytics career in the online retail sector. In the pandemic I worked in academia before moving into my current role in DWP Digital. Digital performance analytics can be found across a variety of industries and organisations. 

Being part of the data community  

I am really happy to be part of the data community where we learn and share our data experiences. Through the community I have learnt a lot about accessibility. These learnings have further improved my data presentations so they no longer exclude anybody that might not be able to perceive complex charts or tables of data. 

I was never presented with the opportunity to learn such things in the private sector, so I think it is amazing to learn this from the data community here. 

I enjoy the personal learning and development opportunities too such as the ability to learn more about the emerging GA4 platform. These opportunities empower me to continuously equip myself with new skills and knowledge about new data visualisation tools and ensure I am well prepared for the digital future. I also like to make good use of those learning opportunities to interact with others across the practice to listen to their experience and strengthen my communication skills too. 

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