From marketing to mentor

Hannah is an agile delivery manager working in Health Transformation Programme. Hannah joined DWP Digital four weeks before the pandemic started in February 2020.  

Seeking new challenges

I started my career in marketing after studying graphic design at university. Working on websites and intranets helped me to understand what I liked doing. I began to nurture my passion for building websites and developing code — something I had done as a teenager.  

Since then, I’ve been involved in delivery in different phases of my career, from studio manager in other organisations to my most recent role working on Personal Independence Payment (PIP) in Health Transformation Programme here at DWP Digital. I discovered that a delivery manager role would be a good fit for my skill set and decided to apply. 

I joined DWP Digital because I wanted to make a real difference. I like knowing that the work we do day-to-day has such an impact on citizens and their lives. That is really important to me. Doing something that makes a real, tangible difference to people’s lives is what makes us ‘digital with purpose’.  

I‘ve moved around in DWP Digital, and learned from different teams along the way, and I’m settled in my current role. I find in this area there is so much that can be done to make such a difference, and I find the level challenge really satisfying. 

Having the support to make change

I’m a big user of the learning and development opportunities within DWP Digital. I get books delivered from industry leaders in agile delivery principles as part of my learning.  

I’ve also decided in the last few months to say yes to things that would usually make me feel uncomfortable, such as taking part in photoshoots and presenting at a delivery conference. I think if you’re not uncomfortable then you can’t grow as a person or in your knowledge.  

Coaching is something else I’m passionate about. I volunteer a percentage of my time to help others while improving my coaching skills. I’m supporting three teams through coaching and mentoring a few individuals at the minute, and I love it. Helping others and developing my skills are both really important to me. I have started running training for others which I have found to be a great learning tool for me.  

There’s a lot of learning and development opportunities, in lots of different forms here, and DWP Digital really see the benefit of investing in their employees. 

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