Improve the experience of 20 million users

Product design at DWP Digital is about making life better for all kinds of people, all over the country. Our services are designed in collaboration with the people who use them, not just for them.

As part of one of the biggest digital transformation projects in the world, innovation is fundamental to our ways of working. We’re always exploring innovative ways to design for our users, using data trends to develop new solutions, and working alongside users to solve problems.

If you want to do meaningful work that makes a difference, this is the place to be. At DWP Digital, you’ll find new ways to solve problems, achieve big things and make an impact on people’s lives. The products and services you design will help make people’s lives better.

You’ll be part of a diverse and growing product community, working with experts from your field.

We regularly recruit product owners, service designers, business architects, interaction designers, business analysts, front end developers, content designers and user researchers. Find your career in product design at DWP Digital now.

Designing With Passion

Ope is a content designer at DWP Digital. She works with subject matter experts to refresh articles and develop creative solutions to help users solve some of their common problems.

What is a user researcher?

Find out what a user researcher does, what skills they need, and how they help us deliver world-class digital services.

Developing Winning Products

Louise is a product manager within Shared Channel Experience. In her role she is responsible for working cross organisationally to ensure the best possible services for citizens and customers.